Rent Vs. Buy

Custom rental exhibits are designed to your specifications just like purchased booths. However, with a rental from Alex Displays, there are many advantages:


Less Hassle - We Handle Everything

At most shows, representatives from Alex Displays are on site to supervise the installation of the exhibit and assist you with last minute needs pertaining to the exhibit. Because you don’t own the booth, your responsibilities for it are dramatically reduced.

One Budget and a Lower Initial Expense

Exhibit will be used for a specific time frame or a set amount of trade shows. Your cost is amortized over the contact period. Where as when an exhibit is purchased there is a larger initial investment along with a bill every show for show services. Union installation and union dismantle costs are fixed into your rental package regardless of local union scale increases. All freight charges are included in your rental package! There is no additional charges for storage from show to show regardless of how many crates the exhibit is packed in.

Easy Modifications

Because the exhibit is moved, stored, installed and maintained by the same people who constructed it, we know your booth inside and out and can help you decide how to make any modifications as your needs change throughout the year. Changes to the original design are addressed on a time and materials basis.

Low Overall Cost

Even though you get a custom designed and built booth for your exclusive use, the costs are a lot less than purchasing a booth. Unless you modify your exhibit, the price originally agreed on will go unchanged for the duration of the contract, and there is no additional charge for supervision.

No Disposal Costs

When the contract period is over, you don’t have to give the booth a second thought.

Stay Up To Date

Because your exhibit is rented for a specific number of shows, you can afford to have a new exhibit designed without feeling that you have wasted the investment in a purchased booth.

Afford More

Because a rental booth costs less, you can afford a larger, more distinctive booth at the same budget. And because the exhibit is designed to your needs and specifications, Alex Displays can provide the perfect booth at almost any budget level

Let's Get to Work!

If you’re attending the above shows or any others, contact us to get started on your custom rental exhibit design!

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